Discover Monchique

My discovery of Monchique

I was told that this place would be one of the most important Portuguese health resorts surrounded by the mountains of Serra de Monchique. There were hot sulfur springs with thermal baths; pure air impregnates the eucalyptus and crystal clear mineral water. The mild climate would be the most perfect place for a variety of herbs, plants and flowers. The protected environment was seen as “the Garden of the Algarve”. This I wanted to taste and experience myself.

My journey began in Caldas de Monchique, and I indeed saw the thermal sulfur baths. Outside was a wonderful scent of eucalyptus. And I saw exceptional flowers, plants and crystal clear spring water. During a meeting with Rui Andr√©, the mayor of Monchique, we undertook together a hike in the mountains to the “Fonte Santa da Fornalha” translated “the sacred source of Fornalha”. There is a story that if you drink this water and use it for the care of the body you will retain “Eternal youth ‘”. Certainly the particular composition of the water has a good effect on the skin, muscles and joints.

At that moment I knew: with this mineral spring water I want to develop beauty products. Supplemented with extracts of plants and flowers from the Monchique and precious minerals and vitamins. This would turn Monchique Cosmetics into one of the purest and finest cosmetic brands in the world! A brand as clear as the water of the Monchique. And we succeeded, Monchique Cosmetics was born!

Monchique Cosmetics products are only available at Beauty & Wellness Centers and Beauty Salons. There the products get the attention they deserve.

Wellness, skincare and skin improvement; achievable and affordable for everyone.