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Products and treatments for
skin improvement, recovery and support
and total relaxation for well-being

Bio Skin Lift

Turn back time! A synergetic combination of innovative ingredient complexes provides a powerful lifting effect treatment of the skin. More information

Clear Water

Clear water for a clear, fresh and clean skin. A general line for cleansing, consisting of products that can be used by everyone, alongside the specific lines. More information

Power Water - man

Simple, fast and effective Specially for the MAN. Dedicated to men and their skins with special needs, so different from those of women. It keeps the skin fresh, vital and strong, thanks to the Monchique-Hydratation-Complex and unique organic ingredients. More information

Pure Water - young skin

Pure water especially designed to make and to keep the young skin pure, clear, clean and fresh. More information

Skin Renewal

  Unleash your natural beauty Skin Renewal renders a service to the skin by releasing her from the dead cells in the outer skin layer. The skin is purified and retrieves her natural color. Then Skin Renewal gives a boost to the natural skin renewal and rejuvenating. More information

Spa Essentials - bath&body

Spa Essentials Bring the joy of beautiful flowers or healthy fruit straight into your bathroom! You can choose from 'Flowers' or 'Fruit' of the Algarve. It's a unique wellness experience.   Bath & Body In addition to the Spa Essentials, you will find several products for the body. More information

Special Water - specialties

Various specialties, suitable for everyone, depending on skin condition and purpose. More information

Sweet Water - sensitive skin

The Sweet water products are special made for the sensitive skin. The Calming Complex reduces the reactivity of the skin and increases the natural tolerance of the  skin. More information

Timeless Water (50+)

Age Perfection Enriched with the most high quality and rich herbal ingredients in an optimal balanced formula. Gives the skin the best support in nutrition, firmness, elasticity and strength. More information


More information

Water Fall (20/25+) - Hydration

  Water Fall gives the skin a literal water fall Pre anti-aging, against first signs of skin aging. Protecting and hydrating the skin. More information

Water Stream (40+)

Anti-Aging When you are in the 'flow' of your life, it seems that the aging process suddenly goes into an acceleration. The Water Stream products provide long-term moisture and protection for your skin. They help to improve the firmness and vitality of your skin and slow down the effects of skin aging. More information

The Monchique Experience

A refreshing glass of pure mineral water, while enjoying a soothing foot bath full of fruit or flowers. Total relaxation with the Monchique relaxation rituals and scent experiences. Free yourself from all your worries, escape to another world, the world of Monchique!

Rebalance and rejuvenate your skin, with the right products, tailored to your skin age and skin condition. Experience it yourself!

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Ideal for summer time: Travel Essentials. Several mini products which can travel safely in your hand luggage!

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High in the Monchique mountains of the Algarve, there is a ‘hidden treasure’; Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa. At this resort you can truly experience the world of Monchique Cosmetics!

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Pure mineral water, extracted from deep underground sources, in Caldas de Monchique, in the Algarve, the south of Portugal.
Pure, natural ingredients from plants, flowers and fruits.
Vitamins, minerals, high-quality natural oils and and other valuable ingredients. Health from the outside and from within: Monchique Cosmetics and Monchique water that cleanses the body and skin from the inside.

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